4/8 Health, Happiness & Well-being

Come join us and invite your friends too to spend a wonderful Spring evening with us on April 8th. 

April’s Theme is Welfare: Health, Happiness and Well-Being

Speaker Andrea Thorpe(L.Ac, MS, FABORM, Doctoral candidate), will provide an engaging discussion focusing on all aspects of neurological, hormonal, and immunological health and wellbeing, and how what and when you eat can impact all of them effectively.   Andrea has practiced Traditional Chinese Medicine for the past 25 years. She is a researcher, clinician, and teacher and is currently a doctoral candidate at the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine.  Her extensive education and credentials have been obtained both in England and the United States, however as passionate traveler, Andrea has made numerous trips to Asia to study the medicine at the source.  Her love for cooking together with her firm belief in using food as medicine, has inspired her to present ways in which one can make food choices a seamless and effective way of self-care.

Singer/Songwriter/Wellness Coach Sarah Rogo has long blond hair, loves to surf and play the blues on her National guitars.  While she may look and sound like your prototypical Southern Californian, the 25-year-old singer, guitarist and songwriter was born in New England.  Sarah moved to the seaside beach town of Encinitas, CA, less than two years ago, and has taken the local San Diego music scene by storm.  Diverse and multi-talented, Sarah has jammed with Joe Bonamassa, and given a TEDx talk on the power of music.

Social hour drinks and Dinner theme will be in keeping with the Welfare theme. Odom will provide The Clint (featuring Campari, vodka & soda) as the signature cocktail (Campari is actually an herbal/fruit infusion – with alcohol, of course) – ask for the story of the name, and Andrea is working with Norma to design a delicious, and healthy dinner menu.

Members can RSVP via our evite or by replying to this email. Please include any guests you have invited or may wish to bring.

Guest fee is $40 per person. No cancelation or refund later than one week before the meeting as we have to lock in the headcount for the caterer.